M:Tron starship: The prospector

Yet another M:Tron model, this one in Microscale.

Full view

The bays for small spacecraft. Several thousand of my asteroid miner ships could fit inside with room to run maintenance on them all.

The impulse engines. It features warp drives for interstellar travel. Capable of reaching Warp factor 9.7

The ever present M:Tron logo.

This ship was designed to be the hub for M:Tron mining operations fro entire star systems, retrieving huge loads of minerals before returning to base, to unload. It’s built in space due to it’s immense size

Not my best M:Tron model, but I like it.

As always, always, comments and crits are openly welcomed!


Though your Minifigure Scale M Tron MOCs are better IMO, this is pretty cute too.

To be honest, i agree.

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