Any of you ever played or used M.U.G.E.N
it is a Software which you can make 2D Fighting Games with
so lets talk about some fan games you have enjoyed
and if you ever make one what would it be about


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Well some people here on the Boards (including me) were working on a TTV fighting game. But that sort of died off...

But this sounds interesting...I might have to look into this...


I'll sponsor it 'cuz I'm a master


Always interested.
Never pursued.

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same here

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I was working on a few characters for M.U.G.E.N myself, actually. Kinda gave up on them, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Who knows? I might go back to experimenting with Fighter Factory another day and actually make something. Maybe something TTV-related...?

it's not a tease don't get your hopes up


I really want to make a TTV Fighting game
add stories to how and why they are fighting

but the fighting system will be different
Team comps can give you Special team moves
Slime and Cronk could channel the Power of Banning into their Opponents (similar to how Joseph and Caesar done it)
Assists from the other characters in your team (similar to pokken

Offensive: I would do a Light Combo
Buff: My Photoshoppery Gives you Strength
Debuff: I Photoshop the enemy lowering their attack

Dude, I love MUGEN. I put together a huge roster with a friend of mine consisting of any characters we could think of, from Xenomorphs to Marvel characters and so on.


Hey everyone, I like Mugen too! I got into it quite recently, but I´m just using it as a Smash Bros Plus (I mean, a super crossover of characters) and stuff.

I have combined video games, anime, movies and memes, into one game.

I await official TTV chars.

Also there´s the Toa Mata char which is pretty neat and I have it in my roster