Ma Kapua

The name means “white cloud” in Maori. She is a fierce warrior on the battlefield. But off of it, Kapua moves with the grace and calm of the most beautiful cloud in the sky.



I am impressed, this is really
Great and I love to see this kind of detailed matoran build.

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For a smol character there really isa lot of detail in this. I don’t like the hair addition but the build is still cool.

are the hands, fire and mask the same color?

anyways I like how this look, the use of the ben ten pieces on the legs adds a little bit of texture, my only complain would be the head, since it is way too far up, but unless you modify pieces you wont be able to fix that

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Nice matoran! I like the color scheme and weapons. I also like the flame detail. I am note sure about the yellow.

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Yup, same shade of blue. I bought them randomly from BL though. And the mask is clearly aged and faded a bit.

I never thought I’d see the day where I was impressed with a Matoran sized MOC.
Well, that day has come.

Looks great! I would say the feet are a little big, but they work in that charming Matoran kind of way.

Looks cool, I like the hair detail.

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Well done! The colors and weaponry give it a regal, almost angelic appearance that was pulled of quite nicely.


Thanks @Stoax. That’s some high praise right there!

Great work, I really like the blades and colorscheme.

that artwork is pretty darn good