Machina - Captain of the Sky Pirates - With added bonus features!

Hey there guys! I just wanted to show you this little moc I made called Machina. The idea was that it would be a moc that used no standard armor pieces, so it was mostly mechanical-looking.
Basically, Machina found a secret energy from an entirely different dimension, and he can harness the energy through his weapons, shields, and that little engine on the front of him. Unfortunately, the energy mutated him, turning his legs three-jointed, growing horns, and completely stopping any masks from being worn because they would disintegrate on his touch.
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This picture shows his transformation into a small, compact hovercraft. It doesn’t look perfect, but it works.


Very nice little guy.

There’s a lot of really great details for its size. Nicely done.

@Rocka99 @AdamusTheFirst
Thanks guys!