Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

Forager decides that was his cue to leave. He quietly attempts to scurry back to his cohorts.

Starscream punched at Voltex’s face, with much more power than he seemed capable of.
“Nothing in particular.”

Two levels down he would see a Decepticon smoking a Cybertronian cigarette, sitting on the stairs in front of him. He didn’t seem to have observed Forager yet.

Volted tilted his head to the side, narrowingly dodging it. “Oh, right. You want a fight.” He said. “Yet I cannot harm you. How fun.” He said with sarcasm in his tone.

“But I can hurt you!” he said as he grabbed Voltex by both of his shoulders.

Before he could grab Voltex by his shoulders he tilted his back backwards, avoiding his attempt.

“Yeah, no.” He said. “I’m not going to let that happen. Whatever you are as of now. You belong to the pit.”

He would not be fast enough for Starscream’s grasp.
“Believe me, kitty kat. I’ve been there several times.” he said before throwing him on the ground.

Forager looks to see if there was a way to go around the Decepticon.

“No need to blow a circuit.” Transwarp said as he kept walking.

To do so he would have to walk to the next set of stairs, which was all the way on the other side of the level.

“I’d find more interesting to blow yours.”

Voltex did a back flip and landed on the ground, crouching as he looked at Starscream. “Yeah, do not call me that.” He said.

Forager was more than willing to walk a little more to avoid the Decepticon, and he turns to do just that.

“I am going to call you however I want.” he said as he started levitating, before swooping at him.

“Hey! Hey you!” asked the Decepticon when Forager arrived on the other side. “When did you emerged?”

“So… Uhm… Tell me more about what we lost…” the Targetmaster shily asked Techwarp.

More units pop up behind the two.
“Rookie, you deal of those three. I’ll take care of the others.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s not how life works.” Voltex said as he rolled out of the way and got up on his feet, he looked around for anything that might help against a ghost…the thought seemed absurd, fighting against a astral being, but running away was not an option, there was a visible distance between him and Starscream now.

“Believe me, you have no idea how life works.” he said, quickly flying to him and shooting his null rays at him.

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Forager freezes.

Well frak, he thinks. I really shoulda just stayed in the sewers…

Forager transforms to robot mode and slowly turns around.

“Uh… come again?” he squeaks.

“Haven’t seen you, and you don’t look like those Vehicons that we’ve seen on the surface! Did you just emerged from one of the tubes?”

“Right.” Scaleraker affirmed, and sprinted towards the designated targets.

The two Swarm Units tiredly raise their fists and prepare to defend themselves. The scrapmetal unit desperately tries to make his gun work again, however it was heavily damaged in the storm of bullets.

Scaleraker screeched to a halt in front of them, after seeing how pathetic they were. “You lot don’t look particularly up for a fight. I’ll let you run, if you so wish.”

The two look at each other, before back at Scaleraker.
“Why?” one of them asked with his text to speech voice.