Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

Iacon is silent. You will not find any regular Transformer walking it’s streets. A few jets swoop above the skyscrapers in the distance, while the numerous bridges connecting different lairs of the city’s sectors are covered in scrap metals and objects left by the evacuated population.
A huge tank drone walks pass one facility, as a motorcycle turns into its robot mode and patrols the area. Nobody would know that this was once Iacon, one of the biggest and most important cities in the entire planet of Cybertron. It was populated by millions, and now even the machinimals are gone.
As the sun prepares to set down, a small group of individuals, the only ones of their kind remained there, run away on a dark, narrow street with squareish building on its both sides, with only a few light bulbs to light it up. They are running for their lifes, trying to escape a new treat, one never seen before…


Malekai ran as fast as he could, slightly tripping along as he did so.

Slyther, in his snake mode, worms this way and that down the street. His serpentine eyes flick from shadow to shadow, watching for enemies.

Beetle stopped running at the back of the group, catching his breath.
“Guys… I’m…tired…”

Forager watches the others from a grate leading into the sewers. These guys were making too much noise for his liking; that might alert the vehicons, and he most certainly didn’t want that.

As the group would pass him by, Forager could hear an engine sound approaching from the tunnels behind him.

An’ that’d be my cue to leave! Forager thinks as he attempts to burst through the loose grate and out onto the streets below.

Although the gate would be easy to blast, the space between the bars would not be wide enough for him to walk through.
Suddenly a bright light invaded his tunnel. If Forger would turn, he could see non other than the Vehicon general Thrust.

“Missed me?” he quickly said in his deep voice.

Transwarp was running as fast as his boxy legs could carry him, trying to do two things: keep up with the group and run like heck from the Vehicons.

Okay Megatron, what in heck happened to you?! he thought, You leave to make it so Predacons are in charge and then you come back and try to turn everything into mindless machines, including your fellow Predacons!

His form shimmered a bit in reaction to his stress and panic, Oh, no! Not now; not here! he thought trying to stop himself from teleporting.

Glitch, I have never even met you in my life!” Forager exclaims, transforming to robot mode and blasting at the grate with his pistols.

“Oh, you saw me.” more three more motorbikes rolled in next to Thrust, turning in their robot modes. They were identical, but smaller and without yellow markings. “I was just with the boys.”
The four drones drove out of the tunnel, giving chase.

“Cool,” Forager nonchalantly replies, giving a double thumbs-up. “Nice seeing you- again, apparently- but I’m gonna run away now 'cause I quite like my like my life, thank you.”

And with that, Forager takes a flying leap out of the tunnel, hitting the road below and transforming his legs to deploy his trusty wheels. With a loud whir, the Predacon takes off, leaving skid marks in his wake.

“After him! Go! Go!” Thrust ordered the drones as they were follow him. “He will make a good bike.”

Scaleraker was trudging as long as fast as his short stocky legs could carry him. 'Guys!" he yells, “Guys! Wait up! I con only go so fast!”

He would soon walk pass Beetle, who seemed to be close to die out of exhaustion."

Forager was now racing to catch up with the main group.

“HELP! MEEEEE!” he shrieks above the roar of his engine.

Drill Bit, who was in front of the group, turned around at the sound of the yells.
“Oh, great! Another one!”
“We need to help him!” Manta Ray told him.
“We are already like 9! We don’t need another Beetle!”
“Hey!” Beetle protested from the back of the group.

“Hey beetle. Climb on my back. I’m not very fast, but I’ve got plenty of stamina.”

“Please tell me that you are fast enough to hide me from those!” he said, as he pointed to the four bike drones approaching.

Transwarp was having issues of his own as now he was trying not to teleport at random.

He fired his Null Rays at the pursuing Vehicons, hoping to slow them down.