Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron (sign-up and OOC discussion)

After so many millennia of peace between the Transformers, the robotic race native to the planet of Cybertron, the Predacons, the descendents of the Decepticons, start to become restless and to revolt against the Maximals, the descendents of the Autobots, who kept looking at them like at lower beings, peasants, non-Transformers. A determined Predacon, Megatro, together with his band of mercenaries travel back in time to kill the human race before it would evolve in intelligent beings and help the Autobots win against the Decepticons. Luckily, a small group of Maximals lead by Optimus Primal pursue them to the prehistoric Earth.
A few days pass, with no signals from the Maximals, before Megatron suddenly reappearing in a new body with only a few of the previous mentioned Maximals and Predacons. Worse still, a virus takes over Cybertron, a virus that turns all of the Maximal and Predacons into fully robotic Vehicons, slaves of Megatron. Everybody lucky enough to posses a ship tries to run off the surface of Cybertron, but the Vehicon take them down before leaving the atmosphere. It seems that the Transformers are doomed to be part of Megatron’s one-man-empire…

You are one of the few Transformers that try to get off Cybertron. All the characters of the rp will be part of a group with the same goal, unless otherwise specified.


  • No killing without the respective player’s consent;
  • Please try to keep your characters somehow G1 accurate (I will point out potential problems anyway);
  • No metagaming/godmoding;
  • No Mary Sues, keep your characters balanced;
  • OOC-only posts are bad;
  • Other standard rules, yada yada yada.

Character template
Faction: (Maximal, Predacon)
Appearance: (A picture of the character would be the best)
Alt-mode: (Same. Seeing that you’re either a Maximal or a Predacon, you should have a beast (animal) mode, tho vehicle modes are also accepted)
Weapons, abilities, and equipment:
Bio: (If you want to have an extremely complex bio, one that dives into the lore, please keep it cannon with G1)

As you may have observed, this story is placed in the G1 continuity family, between Beast Wars and Beast Machines. Although I would want this to stay as cannon as possible, there are some sacrifices that have to be made. For example there will be characters from Beast Wars II and probably from Beast Wars Neo too. There will also be retcons, like the fact that the 3H comics which, as far as I know, are the only source of information for this gap time, are rendered semi-canon. Oh yeah… And I might misplace some of the Vehicon’s personalities.

Anyway, I hope this game will actually succeed. Please feel free to join in, if you are interested.


[details=Accepted characters]

[quote=“Chromeharpoon, post:349, topic:49784”]
Name: Hemorrhage

Formers characters (of inactive players or players that left the game

Important characters
The original Vehicons
The new Vehicons
My characters
Megatron, Diagnostic drone and Starscream
Swarm, Scrapmetal and Jet Units


Name: Slyther
Faction: Predacon
Appearance: lean and skinny, with long limbs. He has a red v-fin jutting out from his head, and is green and blue.
Alt mode: giant snake
Weapons, etc: a taser rifle, an electrified whip, and a submachine gun. In snake mode, he is able to bite and inject venom.
Bio: A lone warrior, Slyther often works alone. He is a bounty hunter, and is very cruel and cunning.

I’ll add pics as soon as i can, I’m on mobile.

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Maximal and predacons generally didn’t have beat modes while on cybertron

Yes they did. They went through the beast upgrade between the end of the war and the events of Beast Wars.
I mean, the aforementioned 3H comics have their character with beast modes.

No, they didn’t. Theft of the Golden Disk proves this.

Again, there are sources that say otherwise.
I mean, I guess there can be Transformers with vehicle modes too, as there will be such characters in the rp itself, but at this time there should be mostly beasts.
I mean, take Arcee for example. In the 3H comics, which again, happen before Beast Machines, probably even before Beast Wars, she’s a spider.

A robot spider. The vast majority of Maximals and Predacons have vehicle models in this time period.

Well, yes. The alt modes of the characters would be robotic too. Should have mentioned.

Name: Direwolf
Faction: Rena… Malignus Predacon
Appearance: Similar body type to siege Hound. His face bears a resemblance to a canine.
Alt-mode: Cybertronian off road vehicle
Weapons, abilities, and equipment: Axe, gun
Bio: Direwolf totally isn’t from another reality. He certainly doesn’t have an organic brain in The place Of a spark, and he most definitely didn’t work for an evil motorcycle at some point. Direwolf is, however, a daring Bot who is always ready to Go. This Malig-, er, Predacon is ready for any Challenge.


OK…? I already see something in it, but I’ll let it slide, you made me curious.

If Direwolf did have an organic brain, and if it were to get cut in half, it would probably look something like this. But, of course, he doesn’t have an organic brain, and it most certainly wouldn’t look like this.

The beast upgrade was from uprising, and whilst they were fully capable of transforming into a beasts on cybertron it wasn’t common, as there’s typically not any advantages to it over vehicles. We see this from the Japanese beast wars, theft of the golden disk, and beast machines.

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OK… I’m a little confused now.
I’ll edit a few things then.

Uprising =/= Beast Wars. Beast Wars Uprising takes several sort elements from beast wars, but is a completely seperate story.

I know it, but again: there are several sources that led to the conclusion that, although not the great majority (or maybe the great majority, idk, tgere were bots on both sides), beast-formers existed and were many.

That is inaccurate. The Maximals and Predacons gained beast modes when they traveled to Earth.

Well, we are talking about G1, the messiest continuity.

None of that disproves my statement.

Neither mine. Thete are in-cannon items that disproves both me and you.