Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

“Are you blind? Can’t you see how he is hunting ecery single sentient veing on Cybertron? Even the machinimals are gone!”

“And I will help him. If he triessss to capture me, I will esssscape.”

“How can you escape an army that conquered an entire planet in less than half a month? He will hunt you down too, and will kill you too! You are nothing for Megatron, just another Spatk that waits to be captured. Same for all of us! After he deals woth the rebels, it eill take him a few days at most to get us. What makes you think you’ll escape?”

He continued, attempting to catch up.

Scylla would eventually see them, and would wave.

Scaleraker walked up to them, then promptly collapsed from effort.

OOC: They didn’t stop.

Scaleraker looked up to see them continue walking. He put his hands beneath him, and did a push up, he then go his feet under him, stood up, and begrudgingly continued his previous pace.

He would see Halfshell slowing down from his running.

Scaleraker tried to match his pace, and catch up.

They would eventually stop.

Scaleraker stopped, dumped Coelogon on the ground, and stood up, panting.

What took you so long? Halfshell asked in his turtle mode.

“I was never built for speed. I’m meant for digging, an defense. Plus, I had a hitchhiker.”

“Thanks for the ride, son!” Coelagon said as he hopped off him.

“You welcome. Ohhhh…” he said, straightening up, and stretching his back.

“Stop fooling around, transform.” Halfshell demanded, turning to his robot mode.

He did so. Twisting and bending to remove the crik in his back.

In front of the five seacons ranged a metal, empty valley. It’s survace seemed a little… grounded, like when you put a piece of paper on the top of an empty box and its centre slightly goes down into the box. Additionally, there were wholes in the ground, from which big clouds of black smoke were rising to the sky.

“Amazing…” he said, taking in the sight.