Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

“I wouldn’t recommend it.” He warns them, his tail loosening up as it lays on the ground, his hand gripping tightly around the mace sword, his optics set on them, ready to strike…

Voltex was silent, his optics narrowing as he could hear the voice of Starscream. “Why is that idiot inside my head….” He thought, shaking his head all of the sudden. “I can’t leave…what about my pride? Can’t he save his own sorry tailpipe?” He thought some more.

Voltex glanced at Megatron with a sly look. “Megatron…” He muttered. One could blink and then see Voltex gone as he charged at Megatron.

He jumped in the air, leaping at Megatron as he held his mace sword up high before slamming it down at his head with his tail at the same time aimed for his chest, attempting to impale him.

OOC: My intent was that the voice that he would hear would be his not Starscream, as to show how deep Screamer is now in Voltex’s mind.

Megatron effortlessly caught Voltex’s sword with his dragon head arm, it being too long for the tail to be close enough to impale him.
“What are you supposed to be, Mirage’s pet?!” he yelled as he threw him away, approaching Mirage, death being visible in his burning optics.
Once Voltex would stand up he would be surrounded by a bunch of Stealth Drones.
OOC: And yes, before you ask, Megatron is the big boss. The final boss.
Tho this doesn’t mean this is the end of the game, we still have quite a few of things to finish here.

It wouldn’t be too long for his tail to impale him, as it had a long cable but…

…since he was thrown away, he lands on his feet and glances at Megatron. “And who are you supposed to be?” He asked. “Dominator of Worlds?”

OOC: Uhm… Megatron.

At this point Megatron was way too focused on getting to kill Mirage than to listen to Voltex, and even if he did hear him, “dominator of worlds” didn’t seem as much of an insult for him, seeing.

“Transwarp, Predacon and descendant of Skywarp, or Cyclonus if you prefer.” Warp said clearly to Acid storm

Then he saw Megatron…, “And that’s everyone’s cue to get the heck out of this place, NOWWWWWWW!!!”

OOC: Megatron is in a completely different place.

“I don’t give a slag about who you all are! Send them to interrogatory!” Sixshot said from his place.
“'Ight! You heard the boss! Get them away, pronto!” Acid Storm ordered, as a few Seekers started pushing them towards a dark hallway who’s entrance was covered in shadows.
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The Stealth Drones opened fire at Voltex.



He used his mace sword to block them, like a jedi till he used his sword to deflect a fire back at a stealth drone.

The drone is hit in shoulder and stumbles back.
The drones retreated their cannons and all deployed Prime Megatron-esque blades before all lunging at Voltex.
OOC: For reference for you, the newcomer.

This is a Stealth Drone.

Voltex stepped back one step as his tail came out and activated the beam of energy and swooped it at them, the energy beam would be directed at them.

Two drones would be hit, but not killed.
One drone from behind Voltex prepared to catch him by his head with his massive claw.

Voltex’s optics looked in the corner of his optic, seeing the drone. He turned around and bashed the mace sword at the drone’s chest.

The mace sword (OOC: Which by the way, I really need an image of, cause I can’t really imagine it as anything other than a sword with spikes, which would be pretty unpractical) would hit the drone squarely into the face, throwing it backwards and denting his entire chestplate.
While Voltex was attacking said drone, three more jumped on him from above.

Voltex looked up and his tail came out of his back, strangely it made a few animalistic sounds as it swiped across them, aiming at their abdomen for one slash.

One of them is slashed and critically damaged. The other two would still land on top of him and start attacking him with their swords.
The others would jump on his legs, slowly trying to fully cover him.

He thrusted his claws at one of them, clenching his fingers around the chest before throwing one off of him. The other got impaled with his tail as the ones who would jump on his legs he would kick them off.

OOC: Autohits.

The Stealth Drones that were still alive did their best to try to catch him by his limbs and tail.

OOC: I think it has been justified.

Before they could he dashed backward, getting away from their reach. His tail attaching to his back again, as he formed his hand into a blaster and blasted at them.

OOC: Remember that Starscream presumably upgraded Voltex’s armour to much higher levels?

One drone is impaled, two more are shot dead.
In front of Voltex lands Spy Streak, the general of the Stealth Drones. He was identical to his subordinates, except that the red was now deep purple, and he was much taller.
“All right pretty boy, you do realize that I am not going to let you get to boss, right?” he said, deploying his blade and preparing his claw.

OOC: Yeah, I am not taking my chances. Last time I allowed you to have minicons swarm my character, it didn’t end well.

“You do realize, I don’t care, right?” He responded drily as he began firing at him with his blaster.

OOC: I cannot believe you still hold that grudge up to 2 years after it happened.
And I am not allowing autohits, so it’ll be better if you do take chances.

Spy Streak protects himself with the bulk of the claw, that was wide enough to act like a smaller shield. He then lunges at Voltex preparing a slash at his face, while the drones were still trying to immobilise his limbs.