Maen the Faris

A MOC I built earlier today, also my self MOC. Backstory pending.

Obligatory edginess shot.

Without filter.


Without cape.

Back without cape.

Extra details.

The backstory is pending, but will come soon.
The cape is tissue paper, I used Sharpie for the little decal.
Faris is Arabic for warrior.

Constructive cristism is appreciated, especially on the backdrop, it's the first time I'm trying some thing besides conscruction paper, tape, and a wall.


wow, this guy's perfect for such a small scale, I just wish the white was more evenly distributed

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Is his cape made out of toilet paper? Also, the head seems a bit large, I'd suggest maybe trying the 2015 Kopaka mask.

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For a MOC that's so small, there is a lot of nice detail and a good amount of complexity in him. I admire his upper arms and torso build especially, though I would recommend removing the cape. Of course, if that's a key trait of the character, it's fine to keep in, it might just need some tidying up.

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Most of my white parts are currently in use, but I'll see what I can do.


Tissue paper. Now that you mention it, toilet paper might work better due to the thickness. I already tried that head, but the brainstalk kept on getting in the way so I chose this.

Thanks! Not to keen on removing the cape though, but it was a last minute addition (literally right before a took the pictures a decided it would look cool), so I will post some pictures when I have fixed it.

Did you try one of the 2016 brain stalks?

@Toa_Kasai I did, and it does work better. However I just like this head more as it fits with the rest of the build.

Here are some pics with my new setup, tell me what you think. The first couple of photos were taken with the Noir filter just for fun, some pics of the new cape are at the bottom.

Coooooooool :ok_hand:🏼

Maen the Knight....

Dang it, I though I had used google translate better when naming my Ride Faris....