Maethor Generation 2

Here it is folks, Maethor from G2. I already have several changes planned and if you want more pics go here

Critique welcome. I would put more pics but they’re too big for here and #TooLazyToShrink


With the armor, and the sword, he looks super Knightly.

Suffice to say, I’m sold 100% on this MOC.

Also wondrous Lateral Bicep Movement,


So you have a third Knight Bro?

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Aw man

Looks pretty dang cool

Love the white and purple


@Nyran Thanks! His main inspiration this time around came from Aragorn.

@Ekorak Wut

@pot8o Thanks! Planning to add more purple in the next version.


Well, he was responding to me.

I have a reputation of being Knight Bros. with @WajKnight, a fellow mod.

Sadly, while you are knightly, and I admire you, the Knight Brotherhood is Staff Exclusive. 8P


Oh Haha. I don’t need to be in your Knight Brotherhood anyway…I’m fine on my own… cries


Mmm… Dat last pic @_@

Thanks, I do love that last pic. It is the best.

Cool very cool indeed.


Nice articulation.

Get on that Gunmetal correction

He’s got a bit of a Torso, and some odd proportions in addition to that (and probably partially because of that), but otherwise looks nice, especially in the third picture here.
I like the color scheme too.

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Agreed. Awesome color scheme of black and gunmetal with white and purple highlights. Looks awesome.

That sword is amazing, especially in the fact that it carries some of the purple as lasers and a jewel in the hilt.

Cape is a cool addition; makes him look mysterious.

Awesome job.

@tahtorak Thanks!

@Hawkflight Shaddup. =P

@Chro Thanks, I agree that the torso needs a lot of work but not really sure what you mean by odd proportions.

@DarkTakanuva Thanks!

Here’s a current list of everything that I plan to fix by next version:

-Redo torso
-Take out Gunmetal
-Color block the lower legs and feet white
-Add more Purple

Kind of in order of most important to least important.


I love the bulky arms/legs! :smiley:


This is epic! I’ve always tried to make a knightly looking MOC, but I’m not good at it at all…

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Haha, thanks!