Magma blade

recently I had to dismantle a moc of mine that I haven’t posted to the Message Boards since it’s weapon looks better then the actual character itself but I will make the moc again but a lot better and here is it’s weapon The Magma Blade

it’s quite a powerful weapon but more on that when I moc the owner of this blade


Interesting. It seems like it would look a bit gappy from the front due to that method of connection, but the connection itself seems solid enough. I would recommend replacing the white connector, if you have another one. Otherwise, it’s an alright weapon. A little similar to Ackar’s blade, but still pretty good.

Ackar’s blade was kinda the inspiration for this but different

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My favourite part is the severed hand…


I like the melding between the Ackar blade and the Furno weapon. I presume that’s where you started? I know I always start a Moc or weapon with two or three individual parts that I feel work well together :stuck_out_tongue:

well the idea I had was when the owner upgrades so does the sword and this is the most recent upgrade but the owner didn’t look good

A little gappy in places, but pretty good overall.