Magma Trident

As I said some of the items did get mild descriptions and close ups, mainly just the ones I really liked (yes this is two images, unfortunately I only had one of the tridents).

A legendary toa weapon. It sends magma thought the tubes on it’s sides to superheat the blades and to fire massive streams of flame/magma.


What is that green thing?

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@Toa_Vladin spike plate I melted to look like a bug or something was stabbed on it.

@Toa_Vladin I would never melt one of those!

@Rockho ah… Yeah that probably woulda been a better colour for that description, no it is red, I came up with the description after and never changed it.

I was thinking it is a destroyed Kraana/Kraata…

Magma is generally a very light orange colour, and i’m not sure if it’s just the lighting, but the highlights look dark red, like tomato paste is flowing through it

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