Magmaclaw the destroyer

To preface, this is my friends first ever moc!
This is magmaclaw, he is a bad dude who has a sword and staff.
Made in 20mins.

Thanks for checking this Moc out, c & c are greatly appreciated.


I really like it! The wings are very cool!

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There are parts of this that I like, and there are parts of this that need some work. The legs as a whole could use a redesign; the armoring on the upper legs could be done much better and their structure is overall a bit awkward. I do like the feet used, they go with the whole dragon-y aesthetic. Speaking of the dragon aesthetic, I think those wings add a lot of presence to the MOC. They look pretty cool, and the use of the shadow trap pieces for armor at the base of the wings works well. They go well with the chest piece, which brings that maroon color into the torso.

The color scheme, however, could use some work. There are many colors that are used only one or two places on the MOC, and the design suffers because of it. Meanwhile the legs are almost solid black, which is a bit boring. More consistency and spread would help a lot. The weapons look cool, I like the guard on the sword and the design of the staff looks good, although its colors are a bit scattered.

For a first MOC, this is pretty good (far better than the abominations that I used to create), despite its definite flaws.


TBH you should of used the lava beast mask


good start but i bet you could make it better with more time

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Thank you everyone for your excellent feedback. My friend has received all of it and is now experimenting with new techniques and using his new 2016 Bionicle sets to build new figures!
If anyone can suggest build with pieces from Umarak and Onua (Hunter and United) he would greatly appreciate it!
@L.O.S.S-KAL Neither of us have the mask.

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Umarak and Onua? A Toa of Earth!