Magmite: Wielder of Mutation

Motto: “What? Afraid of your own shadow? Should be!”

Magmite hails from the Dark District of Spectra. His childhood was rather normal minus the dark shadows he played with most of the time. Magmite was able to use these shadows as a way of mutating the things around him to help him in the activity he was doing at the time. If he needs to go up to a higher level, he mutates a vine to help him get there. Magmite works alongside Piros, Semblance, and Phyzor as an outcast. Although he does not elementally align with his team, he tries to fit in the best he can and can generally adapt to most environments, except cold….he hates the cold.

Condition: Deconstructed

He is a member of the Firecracker Garrison


Looks great, maybe a little thin, but other than that I don’t really see any glaringly wrong here. It does kinda look like he’d being pinched at that waist articulation, but I don’t really know how you would fix that. Overall though, it looks good.

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Cool! He looks very menacing and his weapons are pretty interesting.

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This looks great he really looks evil and menacing I love it. But that’s just an opinion, my opinion.
Here’s my GIF to you.

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whoa, those are some sick weapons

I approve.

You’ll get no criticism from me!

It’s so beautiful. :cry: