Magna's Heroic Renewal

Been a while since I’ve posted anything here, but I kinda thought it might be a cool idea to just go forward with drawing as much bionicle as possible, since for about two months I was forced to take a break from my usual activities. I haven’t been able to draw everything I have in mind.just yet, but one thing I have had for the longest time is a showcase for twenty-odd “mainline” toa which should sate even the most dire of art dry spells.

I’m gonna go over every single toa in a bit, but for now all’s I got is Hewkii Mahri/Inika, Apprentice of Fairdom.

I tried to combine the aspects of Hewkii Mahri and Hewkii Inika to create what would be basically a non-aquatic version of the stone Toa. His armor resembles the Mahri version, but he does have glowing neon parts (which all of the Toa Inika/Mahri will have) and his colorscheme is closer to the Inika as well.

One down, twenty more to go.


very nice. I wish I had the patience for pixel art.

It’s quite striking.

Ooh, that looks awesome.

Moving on to the toa, I felt it might be beneficial to make a bunch of toa of stone to prove my concept. Why stone? No idea other than the fact that Hewkii kinda came about naturally all on his own.

Here’s Pohatu, Master of Creation

I forgot to say in the beginning, but every toa will have a title of sorts, ie Master of X for Toa Nuva, Apprentice of X for Mahri and Holder of X for Metru.

There isn’t much changes that I made to Pohatu, as the design of Toa Nuva is already rather iconic to me. That being the case, I do like how Pohatu looks, and I hope you do as well.


Hey again. Remember how I said I’d do toa of stone first? Yeah, things didn’t go that way. But hey, this is a toa metru, so my concept is kinda proven C:

Here’s Whenua, Holder of History.

Pretty much all of the metru toa are going to be made of chunky, heavy armor that has a lot more texturing in comparison to the other toa. Initially, it was made to emphasize the chunkiness of any potential Toa Metru moc (since MHR was originally supposed to be a moccing project), but now it’s just a nice variation for body type and texture of armor of any given toa team.


It’s a bit too brown. other than that I like it.

While that’s not necessarily untrue, I had a bit of a play with colder highlight colors, and seeing how Whenua already has a relatively cold grey, it didn’t stand out enough with cold lighting in mind, so I decided to make it warm, which resulted in brown.

That said, I still have two toa of earth in line, and I promise to not make them look brown (or try to, at least)

Continuing with Onewa, Holder of Integrity. I didn’t expect Onewa to turn into quite a fun drawing, honestly. But Onewa was rather enjoyable, probably due to being one of the lighter-colored toa of the team, which allowed for a good amount of shading C: Also those protopitons were rather unique and I had good times playing around with them.


After a massive delay dedicated to my procrastination, here’s Tahu, Master of Courage.

Initially, I didn’t really know how to approach him, since he’s kind of basic in his design. Still, I was inspired after spending a large amount of time absorbing all sorts of bionicle media, so making this was a lot easier and a lot more fun.



Going onward with Matau, Holder of Spirit.

Bringing this one around was a bit tricky, since there’s another toa of air that weilds twin swords - Lewa. Fortunately, I found out a bit of a loophole in doubling down on Matau’s cyberpunk aesthetic, while plans for Lewa are to connect him to quite a bit of nature.

Overall, I love how Matau turned out. Hopefully you do too. C:


Gali, Master of Purity and Toa Nuva of Water

I’d feel embarassed to tell anyone how much time I’ve spent trying to figure out a good skirt design for Gali. It’s not really bionicle-esque to have one, so I might need to look into some alternatives on how to go about designing a skirt in the medium of lego pieces, but for now I think it looks rather nice C:


Very nice. I like how you mad it look feminine, especially when the set is the exact opposite of the set. good job!

Nuju, Holder of Thought and Toa Metru of Ice

First off, I’d like to say I’m an idiot. I had a proper Kanohi Matatu on me to use as a reference, but didn’t have a set up that with lighting source that didn’t align with the artwork (lightsource was on the right side of the mask, and the original lightsource on the pixelart was on the left). So, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to go with the flow anyway and then flip the mask after I’m done… completely forgetting that Kanohi Matatu is asymmetrical.

Second, I have had an amazing time drawing Nuju regardless of the mask issue, I feel like the little rahi-tamer aethetic does suit him rather well.


I love the little bird.

My favorite one so far!

Onua, Master of Prosperity and Toa Nuva of Earth!

This was a bit of a nice experiment in making the figure a bit more bulky and hefty. I like the idea of Onua having proper drills instead of chainsaws, so I gave him just that. Hope you like him!

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Nice. I always thought that drills made alot more sense than chainsaws. Though there are chainsaws meant for cutting concrete and masonry.

Lewa, Master of Faith and Toa Nuva of Air!

Considering how much I liked Lewa as a kid, I’m surprised he was such a long-burner for me. That being the case, as much as I like him, it’s sort of difficult to draw Lewa properly, and the fact that I didn’t have his mask for the longest time didn’t help. What did help? A friend of mine, so big thanks to Nerift4832 for making this possible

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