Magnavox, (G2 with G1 parts) The Odyssey

Well, here's maybe my last MOC without G2 parts? Depends. If any other Irishmen have seen them anywhere, lemme know. But I'm hunting.
So here's Magnavox. Or well, sort of, Magnavox is a soldier of the Menace from my current Bionicle fanfiction, the story I'm working on now. Yeah, another plug, but this is actually a story in an existing and living universe, and it's much more fun than Dusk of Darker Days. Magnavox is my tribute to the late Ralph Baer, father of video games, creator of what would eventually become the Magnavox Odyessy- the first commercial video game console.

The Teract, the species to which Magnavox belongs, are an honor based people. Their cloths are said to imbue their "spirit", and those who they have defeated, and upon the death of a Teract, their cloths must be burned to release their spirit.

Coveted Hawkflight landing pose, of course.

Well, there it was. Magnavox would be the one with the Atakus helmet. The Star Wars 3 and a half inch Galactic Marines represent this build's inspiration. For more about Magnavox, his whole story and his people's story, read it at: (so as not to bore you with details, and yet give you something to read if you're already bored)

Oh yeah. . . There's also this. . . (and if you read REGICIDE, you'll know what it's for).

Do I need to say it? No, but I will anyway: Keep it civil. Keep it clean. Constructive criticism is always enjoyed.
Oh and yes, the light is bad. I know.


My main gripe is the exposed ball joints. Other than that, good job smiley

Okay, here's my full critique!
That open ball joints hurt my eyes.
The lower legs are too long and also way too bulky compared to upper, basic legs...
I really like hand design and face mask.
I also enjoy color scheme.

Nice MOC!

I'm going to echo this.

Thanks all, but I for one don't think exposed ball joints are an issue if they are clearly intentional. Call me a hipster or whatever.

So thank you, for one :smile:
But how have you not seen that hand design before :stuck_out_tongue: ? It was on the Hydraxon set and many other MOCs. Nevertheless, thanks for looking.