Magnetising normally non-magnetic materials?

Does the power of magnetism allow one to magnetise materials that normally are not magnetic, such as carbon or gold temporarily or permantely? Or does that not work?
If only temporary, does it require continuous focus?

Sidenote: Are all forms of metallic protodermis magnetic?

(In general, only iron, nickel and cobalt have magnetic attributes, though this is not 100% true)

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Not that I am aware of, no.

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Can’t Magnetism Kraata use their powers to stick to rock?

Has it been stated? Can you source it?

The Biosector page for Kraata Variations, Stage 1: "Can use magnetism to cling to any rock or metal surface. "

Presumably the “rock” would be protodermis ore.

The second Bohrok Kal comic: blue kal magnetically fixes Lewa to the ground. Lewa has metal in his body, but the Po-Wahi ground appeared as rock or sand.

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