Magnus had now upgraded and completely changed

Some of you may remember the old moc i made called Llehctim, and then i made Magnus, and now i am making a completely different Magnus. His story is pretty similar to his old story but changed, he was a scientist in a race called the zandakians, he built battle armor and replacement limbs. There race was attacked by the kardans who were like Spartans in the fact that they had every citizen forced into the military. Magnus was one of the last zandakians and used his science knowledge to rebuild himself as a powerful warrior, with a strong blade, reinforced body, toxin filter, and wings. He defeated many kardan forces, now it is him vs his rival, kalluk.

Notable features:
-folding rifle
-blade storage
-opening chest (it just holds a 3 long technic lift arm that represents a battery)
-space for folding rifle on back


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