Mahi recreation

A simple recreation of the Mahi from MNOG2 and the Bohrok Kal animation. I saw many people using a mctoran arm for the head, but the impossibility to put the arm inside the mata foot without slicing makes the model a bit weird in my opinion, so I modelised a custom part to change that.


ah it looks pretty neat. nice job


That arm piece feels like it has potential for mnog-accurate Matoran mocs.

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This piece has an axle hole connection, so it can’t be used as tohunga arm, but someone on Shapeways made a piece like this. It looks pretty good to recreate MNOG matoran, but I feel an enhanced version with more articulation (in the style of Galva’s upgraded Mctoran’s arm) would be welcome for more posability.

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Hahli recreating with a very good-looking Mahi recreation. Everything about this is good. =P

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