Mahri Nui in Minecraft

So I was toying around in minecraft and I thought about how everyone seems to try to make Mata Nui in minecraft. I was in a customized underwater world and it occurred to me that I haven’t seen Mahri Nui yet. I am also really interested in the CTM genre so I wanted to make my own map. So that’s what this topic is about.

Note: This is not intended to be an advertisement but rather a step-by-step walkthrough of how I would make Mahri-Nui. If you don’t want it to be a CTM simply don’t add those aspects to the map.

Step 1: To start make a world in 1.8.X using the customized world type. Set the biome to Ocean NOT DEEP OCEAN the reason is you need lots of water but the terrain needs to be made of sand not gravel.
EDIT: make sure to raise sea level so you have the most space to work with.

Step 2: Disable all structure generation because errant structures will ruin your map.

Step 3: Coming soon!


Mahri is my favorite Nui. Will the Pit and Voya Nui also be added to this map?


Maybe not Voya Nui because thats A LOT of work (A whole 'nother maps worth) but I will sure try to add the pit.


Sounds really cool!

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Sounds like something that will be fantastic and I will need to see…

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do you intend to eventually make this?

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eventually but you wont need a download link because I’m telling you how to make it. (I in fact started the project today so forgive the lack of progress).

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Double post because I have news

Screenshot #1: Fields of Air

So I have been debating weather I should make a texture pack for the map. I will definitely use 1.8 3D models if I can but I also want to know if all of you would use it. What are your thoughts?


Well, since you’r actually building this thing, don’t you feel that it should fall under Promotions and Advertising? Because, truly, it’s beginning to look that way.

I won’t close it until I get a response to see what you think.


I sort of thought of this like the artwork and MOCs elsewhere on this site, except I am also showing how I made it. If you still think it’s an advertisement then close it. I wont post anymore steps until you decide.

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That depends… Will it be open to the public to play on? If so, then it’s a promotion/advertisement. If it’s just art, it should go into the art section.


It will not be open to the public can you move the topic? (I don’t have those mystic powers).

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Most certainly!

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Thank you @Chronicler .

Step 3: build a structure at spawn so that players don’t drown. I built one out of barriers so that it will look good underwater. signs make a fair airlock.

Step 4: Use leaves (I used Jungle) to make airweed. I recommend putting boxes of Water breathing and night vision under them (them being airweed and all it sort of makes sense).


Double post for an update

Ok so i have been working on too things for the map:

  1. A custom crafter using command blocks so you can craft bionicle related items.
  2. Kanohi using enchanted player heads

Triple Post for another update.

Yes I admit I have been ignoring this for a while but I’ll be getting back to this pretty soon. Just as soon as I recreate my previous work. (My old computer is in several pieces so this file was lost).

Hopefully it isn’t too hard…

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Yeah this isn’t happening. I can’t recreate my work.

I guess this project is R.I.P. Like most “X in minecraft” projects