Mahri Nui: Jaller

I decided I'm gonna start another photocomic soon! Huzzah! Anyway, I've been working on the basic plot, and it happens in an alternate universe shortly after the Great Catyclysm. The first MOC for this comic you will be seeing is Jaller, captain of the Mahri Nui Guard. Why is Jaller in Mahri Nui this early on? That will be revealed in the comic. Anyway, on to the MOC!

Look, a Matoran! He's got a sword and shield! He also has a Hau! And Articulation! Not much to say here, just a variation on the Mahritoran build.

Suddenly, Toa! I'd compare him to an Inikabuild, but he's pretty much the same height. I tried to stay as close to the original design as possible. I also built his crab, but it's pretty much the same as the original.

Torso Build! Most of my Toa MOCs for the comic have this build. If you cannot tell how the torso is constructed from looking at this image, I can post instructions later.

Size comparison! By the Great Spirit, what is that thing behind Jaller? CoughmainantagonistCough

It's a crab. Bow before it. The next MOC you'll be seeing from this comic is a craftsman turned warrior. Stay tuned, same time (Can't guarantee that), Same Channel. Constructive criticism is appreciated.


So, how, in this universe, does Jaller manage to lose Lhikan's Hau?

Great MOCs, though. But I suspect that the feet are not yellow, but Keetorange.

Let's just say it isn't Lhikan's Hau.

Yes, the feet are Keetorange.

Jaller Mahri and your titan look a bit thin. Just say'n.