Maia-Kanguru (Purple Kangaroo Rahi)

A Kangaroo like rahi for my own setting. Maia is a Maori word that means brave/bold and Kanguru is how you say kangaroo in Maori. They are known to roam around deserts and planes, getting into other fights with other rahi bigger than themselves.

It is based on the 90’s technic/2001 bionicle style sets. This moc in particular is heavily inspired by the Fusa from the 2002 master builder set. It has a function where it will punch like a boxer. It has a mask on it’s muzzile, so it can play the mask game like other 2001 sets.


Not as big a fan of this one, the color scheme feels too random due to too msny colors. Im also not really feeling the legs/feet, though everything above there is pretty good



Thanks! Yeah, I see what you mean about the legs. I was going style over practicality but it dose leave them to be a bit delicate. It can stand up on its own though thanks to the tail, and the joints haven’t broken on me so far.

As for the Color’s, yeah… I didn’t have any more magenta pieces and the purple clashed so I substituted it with red.

@wild_toa hi question, is posting multiple topics for new mocs double posting? or is double posting posting multiple replies? I’m a bit confused here.

@wild_toa oh, ok. thank you!


looks pretty cute - i feel like a bit more focused color’s could help it, but apart from that, nice job!


Multiple vs single topics for a series of mocs is kinda up to you, it sorta depends on what would work best for them. Double posting is when you send two messages back to back with nobody else sending anything in between. While there are a couple of situations where its okay, its generally against the rules


Updated the legs. Now instead of the weak connector joint it had before, it is now connected to a brick with a plus port which makes the connection more stable.