Main Villains

Who will be the main villains?

Makuta. ar some level, I believe Teridax will be involved.

I really hope the piraka return


dont worry we still have viper, she technically qualifies as the first known female skadi I believe

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If the serials are not retconned then we still have Velika, so maybe he controls the spiders. There's also Marendar. If it's a reboot though it will likely be Teridax.

Since the current one is "Lord of Skull spiders" I assume Bionicle will go through a bestiary of animal-themed villians like TIME-TRAVELING MUAKA. Also, the main villain will be femTerry.

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I dont know where i got this from, i think i t was in the comments of a TTV episode, but i would like to see Makuta Arachnidax. That would be cool, in my opinion. Then we will be able to build an army of makutas, and then there will be the war of a sentury, toa mata vs brotherhood of makuta.

I believe a new character, presumably the guy with shadowed mask and red eyes on the display. There's no way LoSS is the main villain for all of BIONICLE. Probably just a minorly intelligent "King" of a Rahi tribe called the Skull Spiders that gets manipulated/mind controlled by shadowy dude to steal masks.



I really dislike Lord of Skull Spiders' name because it is very basic and doesn't sound like a Bionicle name. Usually Bionicle names are creative and unique.

shut up and praise lord of skull spiders, scrub

*sarcasm but praise him any ways

I hope that LoSS is not the main villain and that possibly a larger set comes out in a possible second wave that would be the real villain

i dont think LEGO ever released only one wave of sets and then stopped, i think it was at least two waves. A second wave with the shadow dude would be cool. i wonder if lego will make little rubber collectibles like the krana and kraata, those were fun.

Barraki is my fav

If his name somehow was "The Lord of Skull Spiders", he would HAVE to be the main villain.
You can't have a name like that and not be a Big Bad

There could always be a greater power that the king is allied with who hasn't been revealed yet.

The Lord of Lords of Skull Spiders.

you mean lord of swag spiders of lord of skull spider defenders

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I was thinking Makuta, but that works too.

Yeah i would love that!

Could you find a better link? It didn't come through on the post.