Makama- Matau and Nokama Combo Model

The Toa have managed to get the Spear of Fusion from Vezon, but doe to their unattention, Nokama and Matau were united into one single body! Now they have to face the biggest challenge of their lifes: To work together and not hate each other!


I think it’d look better if it was a custom body that was regular, and then two heads coming out of it. This just looks wier d and the proportions are off.


This makes me uncomfortable in more ways than one.

Thank Mata Nui love isnt canon.

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This looks really strange. The proportions are terrible.

For combining two hordika sets, this is probably the best someone could do. All in all its not too bad.

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This is’t love, just two sets combined. If I had any other of the Hordika sets I would have comebined them with somebody else

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I know, this is just a popular ship among weird fans.

This moc is just… It’s unconfortable to look at.

That’s how scary the Hordika should have been, not just a slightly longer arm then the other.


It’s like Hanging by a Thread except worse XD

I really like this.


I like the balance of the colors

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I saw this and immediately wondered what the Rhotuka power would be