Makara, Bara Magna Bounty Hunter

Makara is one of the few exceptions to the rule that all Vortixx are evil, scheming reptiles.

As a bounty hunter, he is surprisingly kind, using an EMP projector to stun his targets rather than killing or injuring them.

His reason for choosing this line of work was due to his surprisingly completing a trip up the Mountain in Xia. Because he survived, and not his female partner, the Vortixx leaders banished him, as it was seen as a disgrace to honor the male Vortixx. Because of this, he has an intense distrust of other Vortixx, and has several times worked against them. On Bara Magna, he joined up with the Zanites to help them gain prototype ion weaponry like his weapon. On a trip to the new Xian cities, he ran into Toa Sayyadina, and captured her by overloading her mask. He then traded her to the Xian government in exchange for the weapons, but he began feeling guilty about his decision. As he was about to leave, he heard rumors of experiments with energized protodermis. A group of Vortixx scientists were attempting to drain the elemental powers from stolen Kanohi and captured Toa, by immersing them in protodermis energized by an auxiliary power core from the Great Spirit Robot. Makara returned, and with the aid of a contact in the city, managed to rescue the Toa, and helped her to warn the Toa Mahri of the danger, as they were in the area, investigating the rumors.

Makara has a resistance to electromagnetic damage, which may have been caused by his ordeal on the Mountain. He also has great strength, though he cannot measure up to that of a Toa of stone. He is one of the few Vortixx to actually trade with Matoran and Agori, though he is known for driving a hard bargain. He is based out of Karban, a small village of Fe-Matoran in the east of Bara Magna.


I like the style of the moc

Thanks! I based it off of @WholesomeGadunka’s model of Nerix. I am planning to eventually write the story of Toa Sayyadina and my two Vortixx MOCs, who will later become a team who are tasked with repairing the teleporter aboard the Red Star, where they will find technology from another universe, that yet has that strange H-symbol that appears on the arms of the Toa Mata. That symbol, by the way, is used in both Hero Factory and Bionicle, I guess so that certain parts look more coherent.


That sounds pretty cool.

I came up with the idea because my cousin wanted me to create some characters for a D&D adventure, but I think I have too much information for these characters to work in Dungeons and Dragons.


I like the foot design

The EMP thing was inspired by TFA Lockdown, wasn’t it?

Actually, the EMP was based off of the rifle from The Mandalorian.

Love the feet and the weapon is very nice. Love the little blast of colour that it adds.

Thank you.

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the photos are a bit blurry.
simple, but nice. the back could do with some more armoring.