Make up a BIONICLE and write its backstory

For. this stuff, I want to see you make up a BIONICLE. Pretty easy,you don’t even have to build draw or anything of the sort.for It, but, here’s the.thing, you must give a description of it and add a backstory to it including but.not limited to origin what it is (Toa, Matoran , Makuta ect.), what it’s done in the past,and what it is currently doing. I know, not the most fun.thing to do, I just want to see how much imagination and inspiration runs through this community. It may the least, a paragraph, that’s all I need to see.Thank you for your time.

my bonicle is mr. poopy pants.

he cane from the islad of poopy nui, where he emeged from Mata Nui’s excretory system. he’s a toe who defetedd many beasts with his feces powers. his catchphrse is “poo poo poo”


So you basically want us to make a MOC without, well, MAKING the MOC? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I have already my storyline, which is, well, not really in a “open beta phase”. I don’t want to make any advertisement, but some of my stories are arleady on this page as well as characters and the prologue.

But I haven’t updated for a while. I’m just too lazy.
Also, I made up this logo, but I’ll change it in the future since the MU head has not really a place anymore on the reformated planet of Spherus Magna.

I do have built MOC, but some are just imagination and not existing in physical form yet. Missing pieces.

That’s fine, like I said. You can build a MOC , if you want. Like mine… :smile:

I’ve been waiting for a topic like this. I have a lot of ideas for characters, but I unfortunately don’t have a lot of pieces to make them at the moment. I’ll start with my “self-MOC”

Whaiaro (meaning “self” in Maori, according to a few online translators) is a Bo-Matoran hailing from the Southern Islands. Like the rest of his kind, he has a deep knowledge of plants and medicines. Whaiaro is kindhearted, and has a strong desire to help others in any way he can. However, he can hold a grudge against someone for a considerable amount of time; and, despite his desire to help others, has difficulty socializing.