Making of the "Grovilath" MOC

So I thought I'd start a topic that follows the making of a MOC i've been planning for a while. It'll give a look into what I do and maybe some insight into the advanced MOCing process smile

Below you will be able to track my progress from concepts, all the way to final product. I will be starting and finishing in what I hope to be the duration of a week. Enjoy!


So today I drew up some concepts. I hope to draw up some more tomorrow, and hopefully start building!


looks like an even crazier version of Gadunka, I like it


You should sculpt it with clay, make a plastic figure, and sell it, not moc it.


the tail can be made with ccbs shels

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Yea I was thinking someting along the lines of that, but I also wanna incorporate alot of technic

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hey wait this seems familiar...


Nice sketches. Something I want to do but can't is make sketches of my characters before I build them, but I'm limited to what I can see in my head.

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what are you implying it looks familiar to, gadunka? Because I kinda made it obvious that i'm using his headpiece.

Totally didn't make a topic about the process of me making a MOC the other day

Totally not


Hahaha dude I didn't even notice XD great minds think alike i suppose wink

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But hey, with my hyperlink our topics are now forever bound together XD

(as in, all who see my topic see a link to yours and vice versa)

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Haha sweet XD love your mocs btw. And such an honor to get reviewed by Ven.

@Ekorak and i've just now realised i've been double posting stuck_out_tongue Excited to see what happens with Project: [3N+R097]!

Thanks! Looking forward to see how this "Grovilath" MOC turns out too.

Indeed, it was quite a surprise to see Ek reviewed. He's so simple XD

(I wonder if Project: [3N+R097] will be reviewed when it's done :P)

3/14/15 (PI DAY smiley)

So I did some piece hunting today:

ironically, the only pieces I couldn't find were the Gadunka head and the other pice i needed for the bottom jaw :/

Tomorrow, i'll find those pieces, and start building smiley


That's a lot of parts.... hope you find Gadunka's skull.

Dude i have so many more it's not even funny XD

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Wait... How many do you have?

Oooohhh I thought you where referring to Gadunka skulls and started imagining a huge pile of them stuck_out_tongue I'm stupid.

That would be hilarious XD

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I see that Raw-Jaw + Nitroblast head combo.

I approve.

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That was on one of my other mocs that you can check out here

oh yeah, i remember seeing that

pretty awesome

As far as this MOC goes, I hope that it goes well! The concept looks really cool, so I hope you're able to pull it off! smile