Name was created by a guy named MakutaTexxidos
this unnamed Rahi is a herbivore, its behavior is close to a monkey, as it uses its tale and arms to swing through the jungle of Spherus Magna, Its diet consists of fruit and other eatable plants.


That’s quite nice, but I can’t tell what’s up with that face. Are those multiple eyes or…

Anyways, I like how the Vorox armor is depicted on the side, that’s a nice touch.

Those circles on the face are insect like eyes, and the front is supposed to resemble a locust or grasshopper mouth.

bootleg xenomorph


How about Monku.
im bad with names

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hmm, It’s a nice sounding name.

How about Makitere?

Derived from the Maori word Makinui which stands for gorilla and Tere which stands for fast/swift.

that’s perfect! thank you for helping me out!