Makuta 2015

I was thinking of entering this In the villain contest what do you think?

This is based off of 2015

Made a custom gear function out of 1 gen pieces, ohh yeah he has gear functions!

And a picture of him holding his hammer


Took him a while to perfect the torso. It turned out nice, though!

BTW, did any of you guys notice we both have BIONICLE 2015 related icons?



OTher then the unofficial colorscheme, this looks like a good moc. IDK about the piraka feet hands and the hammer, but still it looks good overall

LOVE the gear box.


I'd bulk up the shoulders, but it's pretty good overall, I'd use the CCBS hand piece instead of the piraka feet though.
the chest looks, odd, I really can't figure out why, but something doesn't look quite right.

is it because they sorta look like pecs/ boobs or is it the fact that it's big?

I think both.