Makuta 2016

Pretty much spamming the boards right now with all my Mocs, but it’s been a long winter… anyway
Here’s the prince of Darkness himself

Hammer Bro’s

Just wait til I get my up-grade…

As always, criticism, comments and suggestions are welcomed.


N offence, but don’t we have, like, 20 of these on the boards already?

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@darkbrick999 do we? I’ve not seen any, maybe I’ve not looked hard enough :roll_eyes:

does the hammer shoot?

@Omega_Tahu Unfortunately not, it’s just studs on the technic pulley :frowning:

ok, it’s still cool

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He last one I saw was called Makuta 2017 possibility, and I’ve seen plenty before that. as far as these go, though, this one is pretty good.

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Dear god what did you do to Ekimu? That chest cannon looks awful.

The Makuta MOC itself, actually is pretty cool, I like the hammer. :smile:

Yes, but this one’s better.

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looks pretty good.

They all kinda look the same to me…

The only differences are the back armor and some of the hammer.

Also, the lower leg bones don’t work well at all. I’d get the normal ones.

After the influx of Makuta replicas I’m kind of jaded towards the whole thing, but I like what you’ve done here.

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I haven’t seen any Makuta Mocs yet, so this is a good first impression for me.
Almost looks like it could be a legit set.