Makuta and Dark Hunter: Flamel and Vector

Back again...
I've created another Necromorph after the last one I made (The UBERMORPH), and I might post that. If I feel like it.
I, also, might post my self-MOC soon, after I've done some modifications. Probably.

Anyway, time for a new MOC...or rather, dual set of MOCs.
Granted, the picture quality isn't the best (I really need a camera stand frowning), but I believe that it's sufficient. Or something.

Here we have, from left to right, the Dark hunter VECTOR and the Former Makuta-turned Dark Hunter FLAMEL (Pronounced 'Fluh-mel').


A Makuta that has the unusual trait of carrying an elemental power, Flamel has powerful fire abilities. A previous injury involving disloyalty with the Makuta resulted in his face and eyes getting destroyed, making him unable to see or breathe properly. He was rescued by Vector, and was given a breathing apparatus as well as a modified Kanohi Akaku so he could see. This caused him to become a dark hunter, and a dangerous one at that. Reckless and arrogant, he carries a powerful shotgun and armor that makes him incredibly hard to attack without getting a limb hacked off.

I really love this guy. I think he is one of my better 'compact' MOCs.

Better view of the breathing apparatus.


Destructive and intelligent, the Dark Hunter Vector is powerful in every regard. Starting off as a relatively weak individual, his thirst for strength clouded his judgement as he began to implant himself with cybernetic enhancements, eventually becoming monstrous and tough to the core. He was sent to recover the Makuta Flamel and execute him, but he instead saw potential. He is the one that created the Breathing apparatus, Akaku, Shotgun, and Armor for Flamel. Vector is very rough with his captures, often disobeying a 'no attack' order just so he can hear someone scream.

This was the first MOC that I made that I modified so extensively that if I put the two versions together, they wouldn't look anything alike.
This is a pretty complex MOC (for my standards, anyway), so it's par for the course, I guess.

One last pic of the two together:


These are, in my opinion, my best compact MOCs. I feel so accomplished when I look at them.
Still, I don't discourage criticism, so that is welcome.

Just...don't talk about the pic quality.
I already know what that is...


I love Vector! He just looks so strange and cool.

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gotta work abit on the camera work, but mostly nice mocs

Mildly blurry images are mildly blurry.
Nice MOCS though.

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Coolio I like vector.

Interesting, very techno-styled MOCs. But I HIGHLY recommend you try to take better, less blurry pics.