Makuta and Immobile Bodies

It is said that a Makuta can not possess rahkshi armor and control it because the armor needs a kraata to move it however does it need to move? It is still a container and it has been shown that Makuta only need a thought to activate their powers and rahkshi armor is made to use kraata powers. This could also possibly apply to other things like kranaless Bohrok and possibly a metal statue. Even if the Makuta loses some powers like shapeshifting and it can not move it could still possibly use other powers with a simple thought if it is in a container.

Actually, there’s contradicting quotes on Kraata-less Rahkshi armor. Some say Makuta can possess it, just not make it move.

While others say they can’t possess it at all.

For Bohrok, I could only find two quotes saying Makuta cannot posses Rahkshi or Bohrok.

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But in either case would the examples I gave still count as containers for the Makuta even if they are immobile that allow them to use some of their powers through them?