Makuta and Immoral Kanohi

I was wondering since Makuta seem to prefer immoral Kanohi does that mean for every immoral Kanohi at least one Makuta has worn it? If yes I also have two ideas based on that question since the two Makutas I will mention are irrelevant to the current stories and probably wouldn’t need sets if Bionicle would resume once more. The Makuta of Stelt would wear a mask of aging since his only known accomplishment is Voporak and perhaps the mask would have inspired Voporak’s aging power. The Kanohi that would fit Kojol the most would be the mask of incomprehension since he was very secretive and this Kanohi would deny targets from even writing down information which seems it would fit him perfectly. So would these two Kanohi be canon to be have worn by these two Makuta?

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Not to impose upon Greg’s answer, but it’s not necessarily that Makuta prefer immoral Kanohi. Many of the immoral Kanohi are considered immoral because a Makuta wore them, as the Makuta were considered evil. The other immoral Kanohi are considered immoral because of their powers.

It is certainly possible, though, that some Makuta chose to wear immoral Kanohi simply because they were immoral, in order to showcase their power and control over the Matoran Universe.