Makuta and Regions?

Hey, Greg. Hope you’re well. As always, I must express my undying admiration. Just a quick question:

In canon, it was determined that there were Makuta of the following regions:
Major islands including
-Xia (Antroz)
-Zakaz (Spiriah)
-Artidax (Krika)
-Artakha (Kojol)
-Karzahni (Icarax)
-Metru/Mata Nui (Teridax)
-Nynrah (Tridax)
-Visorak (Chirox)
-The central region of the Southern Continent (Mutran)
-The peninsula and northern regions of the Northern Continent (Gorast, Krika)
-The western Southern Island Chain (Bitil)
-The islands including and surrounding Odina, or the general eastern island chain (Vamprah).

Would you say other regions would have included (though by no means limited to)
-The homeland of the Shadowed One/Ancient
-Various other regions of the Northern and Southern Continent
-The eastern Southern Island Chain
-The islands including and surrounding Tren Krom, or the general western island chain

Of course, the full list would probably be far more expansive and thorough than this (and presumably some Makuta were charged with regulating smaller regions within these large sections) but it would be great to have these unmarked sections officially accounted for.

Also, when Miserix was originally dividing up the universe, was did he intend to reserve Destral for himself?

What are your thoughts?