Makuta and Shadow Matoran Powers

Dear Greg since you said toa of shadow do not induce vertigo, blindness, or sloth with their shadow powers like the shadow Matoran can with their link powers could a Makuta alone achieve those feats since their power over the element of shadow is greater than that of a toa of shadow?

Makuta have 42 kraata powers and vetigo, blindness and sloth are part of them. So answer is yes, they can do these things

If light matoran can hold onto their toa combined powers when they turn into toa then matoran of shadow could also? for this i did not find a source.

I do not mean the kraata powers of confusion, darkness, and sleep. I am referring to applying these effects with the element of shadow like the shadow Matoran can. To reply to your question I presume if a toa of light can hold onto their unique power the same should apply to their shadowy counterparts.

But i thought shadow matoran do not use shadow powers to do that. they use their link to makuta when on their back. When they are not combined the shadow matoran can only shoot shadow bolts.

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While it is true they can only access those powers when linked with a Makuta or a toa those powers are derived from their element of shadow.

Since toa can’t use the powers they give to matoran I doupt Makuta can either. But it must be said the makuta have already a version of them.

If Takanuva linked with solek, who can create light objects, Takanuva still could not replicate the effect.

I found a quote from Greg that give credence to the possibly that a Makuta could have these powers.

Since Greg has said shadow and light are similar and the Makuta have greater elemental power over their element of shadow it could be possible they could replicate these powers with their element of shadow. I am simply asking for confirmation if they can.

I think it has been solidified now that takanuva has a secret power he never knew and creating a light barrier is different than using shadows to cause nausea.

Bs01 says the powers you speak of are exclusive to the shadow matoran.

but then again mask of shadows allows the wearer to do other things as well.