Makuta Apex of Ultimate Power

My first post

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Let’s try to break it down…
I don’t like the skeleton bones being used here, he’s supposed to be powerful and/or manipuiative, and lastly, ALIVE.
This Makuta doesn’t look powerful(ish), doesn’t seem to be a challenge to face or have enough cunning or power to manipulate others, and skeleton stuff…

That “hammer” looks awkward, I don’t think you should make a hammer out of trans-blue and trans-green, especially with CCBS bones.
Needs a lot of work.
Also it would be great to have more pictures and angles, and a lot at his feet.
And the background is pretty messy.


Edited Category and added Capitalisation- Adamus


I edited the moc due to frequent critiques


He still looks kinda scrawny and weak. He doesn’t really look like he can defeat a protector, much less a toa.



if you’re wanting a powerful looking makuta, try adding enough bulk to make it look like he could kill an entire village with just his legs.

I can’t even see anything.


I was actually going for an old king. Vibe but I appreciate the. Criticism

I Also want to know what you can’t see I will post it in more detail for you r convinience

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He looks kind of thin in the arms and it also is really hard to see him in some of the pictures


Here he is in glorious easy to see

That’s because it’s all… OBSCURED

No, but seriously, do add some bulk.

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I added some bulk

. … And some bulkEdit changed the torso

What a joker…

It’s starting to looks better now.


Points for anyone who noticed an 01 tahu reading in the backround

Who’s that Bulk helmet dude?
But please, get rid of the skeleton bones, PLEASE.



makes him look way too thin and weak


That bulk helmet dude is a bulk revamp and I am sorry but I enjoy the old ancient aesthetic the skelebones give but I really am sorry you don’t like tjhem