Makuta Bardax

To celebrate the month of fire I have created this M.O.C, this is Makuta Bardax. unlike the Makuta from 2008, Bardax uses his power for good. he was banished from the Heavens for a crime he did NOT commit, creating the Krana. now he is traped on the island of Metru Nui, doing good deeds, in hopes of taking back his place in the Heavens.


Wait what do you mean “heavens”?

well… he’s bulky, I’ll give you that

Awesome! love how bulky he is!

Didn’t the Great Beings create the Krana? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, this Moc is extremely well filled out. No real gaps can be seen anywhere. The Kalmah heads look out of place to me though, as there are no other tentacle-like protrusions anywhere else on the Moc.

It’s an inika build with a ton of armor thrown on it.
that looks like a toa of fire.
odd color blocking.
also the backstory breaks canon.


[quote=“takutanuvaMOCs, post:1, topic:11425”]
banished from the Heavens
[/quote]is not a line that should be related to a makuta.

[quote=“takutanuvaMOCs, post:1, topic:11425”]
the Krana.
[/quote]there wasn’t some other lovecraftian horror he could have been blamed for?


Cool MOC, but needs a bit more orange.

Nah. because creating Krana is the worst thing you could ever do.

My thoughts exactly.

OMG this moc is awesome! He looks like an ultimate barraki.

wooow, that is a bit too mean, dontcha think?

its probably the best inika build I have seen on this site, I like the kalmah shoulderpads, the silver pipes are pretty bothersome to me personally, needs more orange
Otherwise a solid MOC

Nothing really special, nothing really bad

for that I give it a 6.5/10

good job, I hope to see you improve in the future

a 2/10 would have been mean.

5/10 is


I don’t get a makuta feel from him, he looks to much like a toa. The build look simple but good to me at least. His backstory is interesting but since when did the makuta like in heaven. I like the color scheme to and his weapon.

I’ll give it a 7 it not bad but it’s not amazing ether.

Man looking at all these moc’s really make Me really wish I wasn’t broke right now really want to make moc’s of my own.

Im fonna agree with rockho although i feel that the moc looks too much like a toa than a makuta. Im also gonna say that the huna is too overused in mocs. Not saying the mask is bad though. Im also gonna say that some claws that meld between black and metru red would work nice with the color scheme if u replace orange with black

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This is very solid and very cool- good use of the barraki heads as shoulder pads

-MOC is great and creative
-Backstory breaks canon
-The MOC needs some orange in the arms.


This is a makuta? Darn! I thought it was a cool looking toa!

Neat MOC, but it really bothers me that the torso is almost exactly the same as Warsoa by KylerNuva135 on Youtube…

Edit: Just realized that this post is three months old and not relevant anymore. Whoopsies.