Makuta Beginnings

Gathered friends, I wish to discuss how you believe the Makuta began. How did Mata Nui create them? Did he slowly raise them whole and complete from the pool of Antidermis or did he build them? Did they start out with knowledge gifted to them by Mata Nui or did they learn as they went? Some things to think about and would love to hear your input. More information or input on other questions is welcome and appreciated. Thank you!


I’ve always wondered about this, because when Brutaka fell into the Antidermis in Destiny War, he gained knowledge of Spherus Magna.

Were the Makuta created with that knowledge as part of their essence? Or did they learn it later? A theory I’ve been thinking about is that they learned it later, and then when the Makuta voluntarily corrupted themselves, it involved physically removing the portions of their Antidermis that contained their knowledge of the intended operation of the universe. Then this purged Antidermis (and the knowledge it contained) returned to the pool that Brutaka fell into.


Your theory actually makes a lot of sense, it would definitely explain some things that were otherwise curious, how did they forget the knowledge the Antidermis possessed? Well this would answer that question. I agree!:+1: Now for the second theory, I originally believed that possibly Mata Nui creates a basic shape from the Antidermis and added the Biomechanical parts. Then I thought about it and my new theory is that due to his godlike creation ability with the mask of life, he can just make them complete out of the Antidermis, similar to how the kanohi Ignika created a body out of living or once living materials.