Makuta Biology

So, continuing the discussion from Do Axonn, Tobduk and Trinuma require Kanohi?

From an outsider’s perspective, yeah, but don’t we know that anything like that would have to be a product of the armor? Weren’t the Makuta literally one hundred percent dependent on the shape of their armor to avoid dissipation?

I wouldn’t say it was the shape of the armor that matters–remember that Makuta are shapeshifters. The armor, as far as we know, is meant mainly to protect and seal the Antidermis within it. As the Makuta can survive for a limited time outside their armor–or inside another vessel, like the Antidermis Vat the Piraka used–without dissipating, it stands to reason that the armor is mostly for containment.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m saying; as a result of the nature of their bodies, they can ■■■■■ forms at will. However, the armor is what prevents them from dissipating too rapidly.

And yeah, they can survive for some time in partially closed-off containers as evidenced by that bizarre Antidermis vat - however, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they can survive for years with holes in their armor. I mean, less than six months passed between Teridax’s defeat at Mangaia and his occupation of the Maxilos robot in the pit.

Oh, absolutely. If a hole punctured deep enough to release the Antidermis, then the Makuta would need to find a new vessel before they could dissipate. I believe the official statistic is that it would take a few weeks to a month for that to happen, giving them a little time…