Makuta Bitil Revamp

I decided to revamp Makuta Bitil. I wanted to give him an insectoid look, mainly basing him on a wasp or a bee.




Please tell me what you think!


His torso is a little small, other than that though he looks great!

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looks great!

honestly, I think you nailed this guy head on

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Pretty accurately gives him the bulk of a beetle with lanky limbs. Bring down the legs a bit and make the thighs less blocky. Also needs more red accents.

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I like it, the small bulky torso and the thinness of the limbs conveys the look of a beetle (what I believe Bitil was based off) well

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@Vicroen @TheRed1s @Stoax Thanks!
@Rockho Thanks, and I agree that there needs to be a bit more red in his colour scheme

I like his thighs.

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There is some thing of this moc that.... BUGs me, hehe.


Torsos a little small and those legs to skinny. Not sure on Kaine find as fins and those wings don't mesh well. Sorry

Hmmm, not a bit fan of that metru armour on the lower torso. Also, the proportions feel kinda off.

Edited title -legomaster

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I reckon you should have kept the original blades

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I like it for what it is :smile:

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I like it


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I like the feet a lot--they're simple, but neat-looking. I think the MOC could do with a little more yellow, though.

Overall, nice job! I agree that if captures the beetle aesthetic very well!

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Oh wow...

There's something endearing about him, but he also looks really epic at the same time!

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i get the bug look thing

but I dunno, I feel the limbs are too tiny


Well, he definately does look more like an insect now. But I think that his head is a little bit large in proportian to the rest. Or rather body and limbs are a little small.
I like how you did the feet and that you put yellow into his arms, but the torso needs more colour in my opinion.
The upper arm armor looks nice, but the upper legs are bit too cubic and stick out alittle too much.

By the way, would you be interested in doing a Makuta MOC for the Brotherhood Project? Bitil already is covered, but perhaps you have an idea for a Makuta that you always wanted to build?

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Bitil is chub bug :3 Honestly, I just personally prefer the set more. This guy just doesn't have enough yellow and a bit too much silver. Wait...

Nope, the colours are actually pretty spot on, but I think I was right when I said he didn't have enough yellow. The legs are a bit spindly, but he's okay.