Makuta Bitil - The Makuta who cheats time

This whole revamp actually came from the fact I had Waspix and Bitil both up on my shelf and I needed more space, so I squinted, hemmed, hawed and contemplated my pocket lint. Realized I that both of them shared a very close similarity in color scheme and said thus:

“why not combine both?”

So I did. Mind you, this is the current refined iteration and I know he’s particularly cluttered, but I wanted to fully express a bug-like mutation.

  • The model stands 8 inches tall at relaxed height
  • He’s a mix of Constraction and CCBS .
  • His colorscheme is black, yellow-orange, silver with minor red accents.

He’s definitely one of the shortest of the makuta, even Vamprah is at least 8.5 inches. Unfortunately for Bitil, like Chirox, Bitil has a broken part, specifically his left foot/ankle. and does not hold his poses well…

Smh mY HEAD 2008 parts. :weary:

And yeah I know the Bitil mask is just off color from the keetorange, but I feel under normal lighting it’s just close enough that it’s not entirely offensive.

I might get another piece like what’s on his back for his chest. just for a more prominent texture and to break up the solid block of yellow more. But that’s for a later date.

I’m pretty satisfied with him, but feel free to tell me your thoughts!


Some pics of an older variant, complete with a height comparison and some light interactions with my selfmoc and Chirox.



My favourite Makuta Mistika (although they probably all are), CCBSified - very nice!

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Yeeee, thank you! Him and Krika are both my Mistika favorites.

I love the mix of CCBS and normal bonkle pieces!


Bitil - Makuta who cheats time.
Amazing title! Bitil was always my favorite.

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I CCBS is like the best of the utility pieces, and it really is underrated. at least the bones are. in fact it’s because of the bones I was able to make my self moc’s wings proportionate to her.

Thank you, my co-writer and I actually made many titles for the entire brotherhood of Makuta, complete with our OCs, when it comes to our AU.

I think “He who cheats time” is actually one my co-writer thought up. Absolutely fitting for Bitil.