Makuta Cedak, the Caretaker Makuta

Front view.

Back view.

One of her children got sick.

The skrunkly, the child.

She wears the Great Mask of Control (modeled by Galva).

Abilities and Traits:
She sees the Kraata as her kin, her children. Acts as some sort of Mother to them. She is one but doesn’t have the aggressive/hostile vibes that Makuta commonly have.

She focuses much more on Defense and Support rather than Offense, her role would be to take care of and nurture the Kraata. Her being hostile/aggressive would be the last thing to choose if there’s nothing she can do. She’s a friend of Morea.


Height Comparison:

With Tahu Mistika.

With Maxilos.

With Roodaka.


ooo very cool!
i like the colors!


Thank you!!!

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Having a less hostile Makuta that actually cares about anyone is a great idea. Evil still can have loved ones.

I like how she looks less evil than most Makuta, alike to Krika being white to show him being less corrupted. Also, her being blue, like a partly corrupted version of a Toa of Water, fits with her being less hostile. Even name is less evil. Both the design and color fit Cedak, and you can still recognize her as a sinister being of shadow, just not pure evil.

Is she a member of the Brotherhood? I ask since Morea was mentioned.


Thank you so much!
Yeah, she’s a member of the Brotherhood. She is still in touch with him.


Ooh this moc looks pretty neat. I like the torso build, and general armor style, nice job. The lore is cool too!


Just for curiosity, did you will use other Hordika heads instead of Vakama’s for her knees if it was possible, or at contrary, the fact that it was only Vakama’s one inspired you on Cedak’s shape ?

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I do like the idea of a caretaker for Kraata, and later Rahkshi as well. There’s some nice shape cohesion going on here too. The hordika head matches the Eilrach pfp piece (I don’t remember its name). The Inika foot matches the lower leg and arm armor as well.

I can’t decide if the waist is a little too thin or not, but regardless the wings do a nice job of filling in the empty space. My biggest complaint is the rather low complexity on the arms. The lower legs especially seem nicely built, but the arms seem basic by comparison.

Probably some of the best work I’ve seen from you though. Great stuff


How’d you get the mask?


cool concept and cool build


I got it from the Galva’s Parts Pack


Is it possible I can have a link to it please

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Link to Parts Pack:

Link to mask: (Create account to download)


how do you upload these parts to

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What do you mean ?
Convert them to be usable in, or install them inside the software ?

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Very cool


Taking “wing blades” literally, I see.

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