Makuta Cenred (MOC)

So this is my first MOC i’ve posted on this site and I have named it Makuta Cenred.

So as you can tell, he has a minotaur looking head (mainly because he is based on a minotaur) and two battle axes.

As you can tell I took pretty crappy photos but that’s my cameras fault. :T
Anyway back to the MOC. This is only V1 so the colors and proportions are not final. I decided to use some silver Skrall armor on the shins to give it some more texture. On top of that, the fingers move as well! Yaaaaay…? There is a lot of problems with this MOC, so V2 will probably come soon (maybe).

Anyway that’s gonna be it for this MOC, any constructive criticism would be helpful and next time I’m probably gonna take more photos. XD

(also the next post will probably be a G2 MOC)


Doesn’t look half bad, the build of the head is quite interesting.


It’s really menacing, but actually it looks a bit more like a Dark Hunter.

It looks pretty intimidating, I could see this as a dark hunter.

It looks very interesting. I like it

Simple, but not bad looking at all. Really looks like something from G1, even though it uses CCBS parts.

Seeing as you plan to improve him and he is supposed to be a Makuta … might you be interested to join the Brotherhood Project?

Sure! I wouldn’t mind joining the Brotherhood Project.
And the MOC is something from my G1 story.

This looks pretty cool!

I got to say this looks awesome.
Nice looking build.