Makuta Chirox - The Warrior

One of my favorite Makuta, I always thought of him, seeing that his efforts as a scientist continually outdone or overshadowed by the far more scientifically zealous Mutran, turned himself to more combat oriented pursuits. Hardening himself with heavy armor and sharpening his crescent blades to deadly perfection, he takes pride in these changes, and pride in the fact this is one way he can finally outshine Mutran.

  • The model stands 11 inches tall.
  • He’s a mix of Constraction and CCBS.
  • His colorscheme is black, silver, red and blue.

Complete with swapping the tridax pod out for Von Nebula’s black and blue one for the colors and used this particular ccbs chest piece for the accenting and the fact it matches the colors I used. Finally, a point in time where blue pins aren’t a horrible eyesore and act as a well rounded accent. :wink:

Because we all know how hard to get those black friction/axle pins are…

This is one of my favorite MOCs, just that he stands so regally in that pose in the first picture. He poses well, but alas, the bane of 2008 bones, he has some cracked pieces, so I don’t muck with him much. But the way his wings folded and the swords on his belt hang and make his wings seem all the more impressive is just a delight to me.

And it’s one of the first models I made that really established my love for CCBS bone pieces and their versatility.

I hope ya’ll like him as much as I do!



I really like how the CCBS parts added to the ribcage go a long way to make him not so thin looking. I didn’t really mind it as a kid, but as an adult, I don’t really like that the Phantoka Makuta are all looking like they’ll blow away at any moment.

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Same here, the over-all skinny look to a lot of models did get to me a bit when I was younger but I loved them all the same. But now that I’m older with a few years of character design tucked in a pocket, I figure it’s time to give my favorite characters a bit of an upgrade to make them REALLY shine on my display shelf.

I didn’t actually even comprehend Chirox effectively had Vamprah wings until it was spelled out and I looked again because of how the arms were folded up and made it look like he just had very funky shoulder pads instead.

Though, there IS a MOCist out there who took the far more batty appearance and made it really work, their MOC was even the inspiration behind the wings for my Chirox and Vamprah.

But I think it also does Chirox more justice to make him a bit more distinguished; more buff and taller than Mutran, has similar wings but not the whole same arm-wing schtick as Vamprah. I haven’t made Antroz yet, but we’ll see. :wink: :+1: