Makuta Contest Entry V2

Hey guys! This is the second version of my entry for the Makuta Building Contest. Just like last time, I would like everyone who can to critique it. I would like as much advise as I can get! Thanks!

P.S Yes, I am aware that there is no armour on the lower legs. I am going to buy Onua 2016 to get the last two purple rib cage pieces I need.


Ooh, it’s quite menacing.

Ignoring the armor on the lower legs, the legs look nice. Hopefully you cover up the side balljoints when you put on the ribcages.

The torso looks a little too much like a box but I understand you want it to be sturdy.

Don’t quite like the arms, I feel like the upper arms are too small and the lower arms are cool but too barebones.

The body is amazing, but the legs and arms need work. A LOT of work.

The knees are really unarmoured, but this has a ton of potential.

Thank you so far for your helpful tips! I have a question about the topic, though. Do you guys think I should create a new topic every time I make some major changes, or should I post pictures on this topic instead?

Edit the main post, then comment that you updated it.


Thanks for all of your suggestions! I have made some adjustments based on your critiques, and this is what I have come up with. Again, I would very much appreciate any critiques you give me. Also, please note that the green rib cage pieces on the lower legs are temporary until I can get Onua 2016.

The forearms look a little too bulky with all that stuff. Maybe put some of that armor and spikes on the upper arm so it’s more evenly distributed.

Thank you! Could you maybe get your friends to critique this as well? I know I might sound a bit desperate, but I need all the help I can get. Thanks again!

You’re welcome. And I don’t have any friends here on the message boards to ask.

Ok, that’s alright.

You guys probably know the drill by now. Again, I can use all the critiques I can get, so anything is very much appreciated.


Looks a lot fuller and beefy; much better :ok_hand:

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Thanks! I’m going to post it at the end of the week, when I get Onua.