Makuta Contest: My Entry

So, this is my entry for the makuta contest. I wanted to show it here so that I could go into more detail, answer questions, and hopefully get on the moc spotlight.

I wanted this to be essentially a giant extra pose-able version of mask maker makuta with a little buddy. Unfortunately, I had a bricklink order take a little bit too long and I had to make him asymmetrical to compensate.

Here’s a standard front shot,

…back shot (note the use of the standard 2016 waist I used because I’m a skrub),

…and leg shot. I am actually surprised at how well the shins turned out.

Like I said earlier, he comes with a little, kraata-esque, buddy with a piece of unification.

That’s so that he can unite with a (rather unlucky) toa or attach to the unity piece in makuta’s lower arm.

As for makuta himself, He has an axle hole in his hand so that he can hold a toa by the axle in their back.

That’s all for now, But later I think I’ll post instructions on this guy if anyone wants. I’ll also be some pictures of him without the asymmetry now that I finally have the pieces I need, as well as post any minor updates I feel inclined to do.
This is my first topic on this message board and I can’t wait to see your responses.
See ya!


This is pretty cool!
I don’t like the feet though and the trans orange looks out of place

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He is big…


He looks very tall

I would try and move the pistons on his sides somewhere else on the legs as they create really awkward gaps

Mata Nui, that’s-a nice a-thingy!

It’s nice, I like how you incorporated Makuta’s corruption, but it would be nice if the colours were a tiny bit more unified huehuehuehuehue

The head is glorious, but he seriously needs to make an appointment with his toenail clipper :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, this is big. It actually looks like a real combiner model. The top part of the legs look odd with those pistons connecting to the body, but that’s ok. I also like how you made your own MoUP.

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The biggest problem is proportions.

Most of it 'sides that is fine though.