Makuta Coracinus - MOC

Two MOCs in two days... i'm on a roll!

This one actually took a very long time to build. I believe... two weeks? Yes that sounds about right. I started with the legs, knowing that I wanted to use the feet found on Onua 2015. Little did I know that these legs would end up become some of the most complex legs I had ever built. From there, I started to develop the torso. This, surprisingly, took the longest amount of time, as I experienced a good bout of creators block. Nonetheless, I am very happy with how this turned out!

Now onto concept. As I was building this MOC, I had no idea in my mind whatsoever as to what it would end up being. Heck, I didn't even decide until a day after I was finished with it that it was a Makuta. His name derives from the Latin word for black, because that is his primary color. He really has nothing to do with G1 or G2 or any storyline, really. I wanted to leave this one more up to the imagination, so that it could be appreciated more as a MOC.

I hope you all enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated. smile

Edits made in Photoshop CC 2014


The lower legs seem awkward, but I really like the use of the 08 Pakari on a villain character. And the Onua chest armor is quite good looking.


Thank you! smile And, yes, I always thought that pakari looked too evil to be worn by a toa.

@helryx im sorry, but what do you mean by that?
@helryx ah, ok. Thank you smile

@DarkTakanuva @Artakha I so so would, but i have an extreme lack of black pins DX

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Cool, but one suggestion. Stock up on the black ball joint pieces. Also, I agree with @ToaVuhii. That mask looks great!

@toxicmocs The ball joint with the axel that goes through it. I saw a lot of red ones on your moc and thought I would suggest using some black ones. That's all.

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That is one sick MOC! And the film grain from the original pic, give the new, edited pics the appearance that he has some neat textures going on. I really love it! Great work.

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That's pretty awesome.

Much better than your Lewa revamp. Nice MOC.


It's amazing. I like how you used a good mix of Technic and CCBS armor.

I don't think the red takes away from his appearance, but the blue kind of does. Just to let you know, Lego made blue pins in black in 2002 only, on the Bohrok-va, the Toa Nuva, and the Exo-Toa. If you have enough of them, you can swap out the blue for the black.

Great job, and keep up the great work!


The legs remind me of this, but overall, I say 9/10

That looks great! smile_cat My only problem, would be that the legs need to be bulked up.

This is pretty great! My one complaint would have to be his waist; the thinness of the middle of his torso next to his wide hips gives him somewhat of a pot-bellied look. Still, I really like what you've done here in combining CCBS with Technic, and the use of the '08 Pakari.

Much better than lewa, it seminds me of something... i cant remember what exacly, but he looks cool

No time for constructive criticism!

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I like the cannon arm-blade thing. I also really like the look of the tail!


Beautiful. I really like the upper torso and the cannon/blade thingy on his left arm. His other arm looks good too. He has a very nice hunched over look and the tail works nicely with the build, kinda making me think of the Lizard from Spider-man. The 08 Pakari works quite well and the red pins don't bother me too much. But those blue pins. I would advise replacing as many as you can with black ones. I rarely have too much of a problem with blue pins, but here they really break up the flow of the set when compared to how sleek the torso and arms are. Aside from that I do rather like the leg design. Overall, 8/10


Two words; leg day.

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Top: beefy
Bottom: missed leg day

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Well done on the Photography.

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Very nice. My only big gripes are the feet, which are way too small, and how thin the arms are.


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My biggest gripe would be the blue and red spots everywhere.

The MOC itself isn't amazing, but it gets the job done smile

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might want to fix that because its a pakari