Makuta Cracax the Great Samurai

Makuta Cracax the Great Samurai

Cracax is another very old character of mine and he has been in every version of my story (even those I never posted or mentioned). He originally started off as a mad scientist funny enough, then I changed him to be a pirate and then into a pirate king with an undead crew who killed for money but with this version, I decided just to scrap all that; so now he is just a Makuta with Samurai-like armor. He is a quiet Makuta with a lot of battle experience and is the second in command.

Design-wise he has changed a ton, the gold conical hat he had in his second design inspired me to put more gold on him, his legs and feet still mostly use the same pieces but are different (more detail and different knees), and color-wise the trans red was bound to happen like most red Mocs lol


Looks pretty good, I really like the contrast with that robotic left forearm. Its also nice that youve continued to improve the moc over years, its definitely going places!

but is that…


It’s nice to see a moc over such a long period of time as it improves with new additions, but the signature emaciated waist is a little off=putting for the rest of the visual language. The new addition of the Vladek shoulder armor on the chest makes it seem like he has no neck articulation, as the chin of the mask is nestled inside.

And the sharpie is in silver, of which there’s barely any on the moc

Overall though, viewing this makes me really want to see a 2023 iteration of the design, with everything you’ve learned in building.


Yeah lol, I think I painted those between 2015 and 2016 but I honestly don’t have any idea why. I probably didn’t change them for non-painted Hordika feet because I wanted to preserve some of the same pieces of the original (because this version was built in 2021) but I’ll most likely change it when it comes to the next revamp

Ever since I started building my characters with custom torsos I’ve had that problem lol. All of my old Mocs basically had the same skinny torso so it wasn’t a signature design element. But with these new revamps I wanted my villain characters to have a very cartoony top-heavy silhouette so that’s why he is still a little skinny on the waist

The chin of the mask was stuck as you described in the 2018 version but after giving him a longer neck and changing how the shoulder armor piece is attached he has pretty good articulation

Like I mentioned in my other reply, I have no idea why I painted those silver and I’ll probably get rid of them in the future but there is some grey/silver on the Moc. Ever since his first version, his back has been covered with grey/silver greebling to represent a life support armor kinda thing (I wish I took pictures of that)

But thank you for the critiques, I really appreciate it. I’ll keep them in mind for the next version (whenever will that be lol)