Makuta Dahki, Makuta of Phantom

Dahki wears the kanohi Kualsi Nuva (Modeled by Galva) and has knife-sharp wings with Tridax Pod being carried in her torso.

She can use her Mask power to instantly teleport, to instantly move to anywhere they could see within their field of vision. The user could transport objects with them, with other beings.

Front view.

Back view.


  • Part pack(s): Biopack, Galva’s pack.
  • Colorpack: Kryakwa’s Colorpack with Marbled addon.

Nice! Looks pretty good and I like all the small details.


Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Pretty cool, and you really captured the '08 aesthetic. I wonder if the shoulder spikes would limit the articulation of the wings while spread, though

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Mmmm, purple, or lavender, or a somewhat purply light blue. What was I getting at? Oh yeah I like this, somehow putting most of the blue in the upper body works quite well for this moc.

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Really looks like a 2008 set, good job!

Might be metallic blue though… I like the thigh design it’s “simple” but is very effective!

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